At last, the Party Bus lobby weighs in

"It's just Not Right!"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Party bus owners are not happy about the city's order forcing them to close. Parris McKinney owns Extreme Party Bus Nashville. He feels like businesses on Broadway are being targeted.

"It hurts," McKinney said. He started his business right before the pandemic hit. "It's just not right."

Party buses that allow consumption of alcohol are not allowed to operate until August 1.

McKinney said that if the order extends longer than August 1, he's heard from other transpotainment business owners that there will be push-back.

As the owner of a nightclub, I can assure you -- wholeheartedly and unreservedly -- that every person who steps out of a party bus is an entitled asshole whom you don't want as a customer.

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5 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    I'm finding it hard to believe a portmanteau like 'transpotainment' could represent anything horrible.

  2. Aidan Gauland says:

    Oh yes, party buses. Cinema shorthand for "the douchebag crowd". (I admit I did not know that's what they were called.)

  3. Louis says:

    I clicked on that link, a cookies consent dialog popped up with the header "Sinclair media group", I felt icky, and then the browser tab crashed...

    • Aidan Gauland says:

      S̎̋̈i͂̇̅ͣ̅̑̓n͆̇c̄ͫͨ̓̾ͥ̓lä́̎ͫ͐͛̆i͚͇̼ͭͩ̚r̝̣ͦͮ.͌͂̋ͪ ̳̟̖̳͚͕̖̃ͣͦ̍̒ͪͬ ͐ͥ̄H͇̜͎E ̗̦̪̘C͚̠ͅOM͖̣̻̊̑͂Eͬͬ͗S̹͎͓̟̙̯̠̊͂̒̓ͦ͆̅!̤

  4. Jason Kaczor says:

    ... hmmm... there is a term we use in Canada interchangeably for either an individual or a vehicle filled with douches...


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