DNA Lounge: Wherein we have new face masks!

We now have an upgrade from our standard face mask design!

Our Deluxe Mask is a screen-printed, hand-made cotton twill mask with built-in over-the-nose wire (to keep your glasses from fogging up) and adjustable elastic ear straps -- and these masks glow in the dark!

(Well, to be honest, the glow isn't nearly as strong as it is on our t-shirts. But if you charge the masks up under a blacklight, they continue to glow for quite some time!)

The Deluxe Masks are a bit more expensive, at $25 each, but the craftsmanship is outstanding.

We currently have both the Deluxe Mask and the Standard Mask in stock, so get yours today!

(You are wearing a mask every time you leave the house, right? Right?)

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"He has screamed relentlessly"

You and me both, peacock. You and me both.

Feral peacock divides Oakland neighborhood:

Most neighbors are fans of the peacock on Occidental Street, saying the sight of him brings joy to the monotony of life during quarantine. But for a few, his presence is hell on earth -- and they've taken to Nextdoor to voice their complaints. [...]

The City of Oakland received a noise complaint about the peacock and sent an Animal Control Officer to the block to investigate. No action was taken to relocate the bird. He is believed to be feral and rumored by neighbors to be the same peacock that lived at a nearby location for four years prior until the resident who fed him moved. [...]

The peacock himself, whom I spotted hanging out with some neighborhood squirrels and quietly pecking the ground, had nothing to say.

Please scream inside your heart.

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America's Worst Plutocratic Family

A_NeedhamNYU's March Madness Bracket

(Ready to get insanely fuckin' mad? Click the links in the thread!)

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