DNA Lounge: Wherein DNA Lounge face masks are back in stock

Order them on our merch page!

My apologies to those of you who had been waiting for your mask orders. Those went out yesterday and today.

The mask vendor I had been using is, it turns out, terrible, slow, and best of all, unresponsive. I've found a new vendor who is none of those things and is also local, and that's who we'll be using in the future, once this batch runs out. (Actually a few of you got the "new style" masks with your order already, because those arrived first even though I ordered them much later!)

Now that we're caught up, I'm going to do some different styles of masks, too: one with a dazzle pattern, one with the "DNA Lounge COVID-19 biohazard" logo, and a Turbo Drive logo. Any other suggestions you'd be interested in purchasing?

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