The Line Is Pleased

Handy little infographic for anyone who's confused.

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  1. That graph is from the UK as is the author of the tweet. I agree with the "we are doing this" part, but the USA isn't even close to the "we are here" part, we're still back in the red. Not only are cases increasing, but nobody seems to even be trying to calculate R0.

      • Derpatron9000 says:

        That line is at least pleasing to the eye....

      • Jim says:

        I used to be an fan, but now I think it's garbage. It's weighted in arbitrary ways that I see no evidence for, and seem to be fine-tuning by its Instagram cofounder/former-CEO project lead, for whom this is his first statistics project. Until the antibody tests is available over the counter at affordable prices, I see no evidence that the US will be able to control the infection.

  2. Paul says:

    And to think we're freaking out in Australia about having 25 new cases a day.
    We were about to go to 50 patrons in restaurants and bars but that's stopping because the numbers are too high.
    There's a list of the growth factors in different countries at the bottom.

  3. Yeah, the USA version is still in the red zone, with activities including yelling the virus into each others faces.

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