So it has come to this

BonerWizard: "i am having a Bloody Mary"

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6 Responses:

  1. Glaurung says:

    That does not appear to be either recreational or nutritional.

  2. Elusis says:

    My face did a thing after scrolling down that I can only assume is an analog of what one's digestive tract does after drinking this... thing.

  3. Bob says:

    Needs more chicken (and a few more shrimp) I'd be fine with 3 or 5 of these, but hold the SpaghettiOs,

    I lived on them for a month or so when I was much, much younger, and didn't like them before that. Couldn't even look at the cans after that.

  4. I tried making upscale SpaghettiOs as lockdown cuisine, but could only find ditalini, not ditali, tubetti, and tubettini. It's just not the same with only one size of O.

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