Donut Shop Ends Police Discount

Allie's Donuts draws the line. (Thin, Blue.)

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4 Responses:

  1. Andreas says:

    Line could stand to cut the carbs every so often

  2. Eric says:

    I always assumed cops ate junk food so they could use the Twinkie defense if they ever got in serious trouble.

    • margaret says:

      love this clip: "firing back, and attacking all cops, of which 90+ percent of them..."

      mr. bongino, former nypd officer, let me guess how you ended your thought:

      "...lie under oath."
      "...feel like there's no jury in america will convict them. ever."
      "...are definitely NOT racists."
      "...won't say peep about the 10 percent or so of bad cops around them."
      "...believe 'i was just following orders' is a great defense."
      "...only go to work in the morning for those free donuts so this really sucks."

  3. ducksauz says:

    As an expat Rhode Islander and lover of Allie's Donuts, it warms my heart to hear this.

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