Black Lives Matter Plaza NW, Aerial View

I hadn't seen the top-down view yet!

In case you missed it, the Mayor of DC had city workers paint this on what is essentially the White House driveway. A+ use of Public Works for trolling.

The painting is not on Google Maps, but the street is already properly labelled. (Street names are partially crowdsourced, so don't give Google any credit here for taking a stand.)

Update: Apparently the original aerial photo I posted was a fake / mock-up. I've replaced it with one that appears legit.

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11 Responses:

    • Dude says:

      He ran to that bunker faster than he ran away from Vietnam.

      • asdfgggddhd says:

        Ooh SNAP

        • Dude says:

          Hell, Trump loves to compare himself to John Wayne (whose daughter endorsed the Annoying Orange in 2016). In this case it's true: both dodged the draft for imaginary reasons, then went on to both play tough and shit-talk people who didn't willingly serve.

          • asdfghhhhj says:

            Seeing as you're well informed on all these topics, just wanted to enquire how the corona situation is in the places like Minneapolis where there have been lots of protests.

            Is it getting much worse?
            I hope not.
            Good people dont deserve to suffer for defending justice

            Sad to see the police dont defend it...

            • Dude says:

              I'm not in MN, so I wouldn't know.

            • Elusis says:

              Novel coronavirus has a 7-14 day asymptomatic period before appearing in ERs. Any spikes happening right now are assholes who just couldn't stay away from the public pool and the hair salon on Memorial Day weekend. Spikes due to the protests, which are surely going to happen, won't show up for a week or two.

    • asdfgjdjdjn says:

      Whoa, is that actually written there?

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    FYI, that image is a fake/mockup. This one is real (matches the lettering seen in ground-level images, e.g. serifs on the I and a pointy M):

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