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  1. Julian Calaby says:

    Off topic: The title of this post in "Recent Posts" is some other random number on other pages. Is your blogbeast confused by it's title?

    E.g. it's 13252130 on
    and it's 13252124 on

    • jwz says:

      They are both 13252140 for me.

      • Iain Adams says:

        On the main page, both of the above comments are stated in the page text of the Recent Comments section for me as 13252157, although the link address is to 13252140.

        When I clicked through to this page, the text in the Recent Comments list for both comments shows as 13252140.

      • Nick Lamb says:

        I see 13249664 from a totally unrelated page, and 13252140 on this page.

        The actual URL for the entry "13249664" from that page has 13252140 in it, which explains why it "works". But overall I think this is just more of the WordPress/ MySQL/ PHP garbage fire and we should ignore it and hope it goes away.

        While writing this I opened another unrelated page and that uses 13246495 to name this entry but again has correct URLs.

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