Everyone at Facebook is qwhite complicit

Violet Blue:

New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose spotted that the "top 10 stories on Facebook over the past 24 hours" were all from Fox News, "Blue Lives Matter," and similar sources.

Meaning: the slant of all stories in FB's "top 10" (surfaced to the masses) were pro-police and Trump's agenda. Roose documented that FB's daily specials were "about Trump declaring antifa a terrorist group," he wrote. "One is a feel-good story about a trucker cleaning up after vandals, another is about an officer calmly listening to protesters, one is about violence against law enforcement," tweeted Roose. "If Facebook was your sole news source," he correctly noted, "and you saw only the most popular links on the platform, you'd think that what happened this weekend was a violent, unprovoked attack on law enforcement by a left-wing terror group."

While Roose documented that, other news outlets repeated the message of a new NYT piece called "Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts."

This turned into the false depiction that employees walked out because they disagreed with Zuck over this one policy decision.

They did not.

Let's be clear: the average salary for Facebook employees is between $120K and $155K, average among those I still know who work there is $250K. The so-called protesting employees requested a day off and put an auto-response on their emails. This is no "last straw" situation that actually means anything, as press reports are depicting, like these ghouls deserve a cookie for suddenly inserting a "conscience" chip into their emotion emulators. This is a risk-free gesture. Meaningless. But making Facebook seem like a house divided serves Facebook's PR perfectly, like when a president puts children in cages and his wife makes a benign comment about the importance of child safety, and press goes "oooh look there are two sides in this."

There are not. Every single system within and around Facebook and every person working there, past and present, have blood on their hands today. They know all the reasons why. Even worse that it would be this one thing that made these soul eaters take a cutesy day off from their (ahem) white-collar jobs.

They're still keeping the machine running while Mark Zuckerberg tells them we will be greeted as liberators.

For many years, I've been saying the following:

If you work for Facebook, quit.

It is morally indefensible for you to use your skills to make that company more powerful. By working there, you are making the world an objectively worse place. I'm sure you can find a job working for a company that you don't have to apologize for all the time.

You can do it. I believe in you.

But as the world literally burns, it's time to go farther:

If you work for Facebook, you are a white supremacist.

If you have a "friend" who works at Facebook, cut them out of your life, like you would your racist cousin.

You can do it. I believe in you.

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