Webcast house-of-cards collapsing already

The new webcasting regime had been working fine for a couple of days, but now there's this fuckery:

While I'm webcasting a screen capture of QuickTime Player or jwztv playing, every 2-20 minutes, the audio cuts out.

Things that get the audio back:

  • Scrubbing the position slider slightly;
  • Quitting and restarting QuickTime Player.

Things that do not get the audio back:

  • Just wait;
  • Pause / play QuickTime Player;
  • Stop / start Audio Hijack;
  • Off / on Audio Hijack "System Audio" source;
  • Off / on Loopback "Pass-Thru" source;
  • Off / on "Loopback" input in OBS;
  • Switch OBS to a scene that does not use Loopback, then back.

When the audio is gone, the animated flow-lines and VU meter in Audio Hijack show no audio, so it thinks there is no input from its System Audio source.

With QuickTime Player, the audio never comes back on its own. With jwztv, it comes back when the track changes (presumably because that involves one AVPlayer stopping and another starting).

Ways in which this is terrible:

  1. I don't know how to detect that it has happened to automate any kind of fix;
  2. The webcast has a delay of almost 60 seconds, so by the time that I hear that it has happened, there's a minute of silence already in the queue;
  3. (╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻

Help, help.

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One Response:

  1. Mohammed Abdul says:

    It sounds like a Quicktime problem.

    As far as detecting it goes.. there are OBS plugins for spectrum analysis that would presumably do sampling of audio at the level that you would need to be doing to detect the silence. So, in theory, you could create/modify something to detect five-ten seconds of silence and then mess with Quicktime player.

    Apart from that, I did notice that you didn't specifically say "do not suggest" VLC this time. Perhaps worth a try. You shouldn't have to actually use the media player UI on a regular basis for this, and it's marginally less bad than it used to be nowadays.

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