Volcano gods demand workers

Reopening is only possible under threat of starvation and homelessness:

"Re-opening" isn't about saving ordinary workers and earners. You can't save someone by infecting them with a deadly disease. [...]

"Re-opening" is about saving investors: the 1% who constitute the major shareholders in large firms whose calculus goes like this: "30% unemployment means that for every worker who dies on the job, ten more will apply to take their place."

These people are willing to risk workers' lives and shoppers' lives because they believe they do not have a shared microbial destiny with the rest of us.

They think they won't get sick, and if they do, they think they'll get better.

That's because they never had to go without medical care because they lacked insurance or because their insurer-imposed rationing denied them the care their doctors advised them to get, so they are less likely to have chronic illnesses and other comorbidities. [...]

For the investor class, "re-opening" is low risk and high reward. [...]

That's why the gloves are off, like in Ohio, where bosses can use a confidential snitchline to rat out workers who won't come back for fear of their lives: these workers will lose their unemployment benefits, their homes, their grocery money. [...] Iowa Workforce Development Director Beth Townsend: "fear of catching the virus would be considered a voluntary resignation, which disqualifies workers from receiving unemployment benefits."

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  1. Gang-Starr says:

    Holy bat colostrum, this is fubar.

    This culture, this civilization is an airliner going down, a titanic that's hit the iceberg, we're all stray cats caught under the wheels now.

    no solidarity in most families, let alone the nomadic dispossessed workers (i.e. slaves)

    love the grim meathook future tag. that's a Hunter S Thompson line

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