Removing video logos

Is there some app that makes this easy? I'm guessing the answer is "no", given that all of the search results are for malware "Free Online Tools" spam sites.

The only way I know of is with ffmpeg, but the syntax is incredibly tedious and time-consuming to create: you need to type in the rectangle in pixels, and the start/stop time in seconds. To do it for one across the whole video is awful:

-vf "delogo= x=1640 :y=3 :w=270 :h=90 :show=1"

but to do more than one, or to add start and stop times, it's completely bonkers:

-vf "delogo= x=60 :y=310 :w=180 :h=120 :show=1
    :enable='if(between(t, 11, 22), 1, between(t, 219, 231))'"

(And you can't type those seconds as H:MM:SS, either.) I just want to drag out a rectangle with my mouse, and select the range on a time slider. Why is this too much to ask?

(And obviously I want this hypothetical tool to automatically recognize them, too. ENHANCE! ENHANCE!)

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  1. PN says:

    Try the Object Removal tool in DaVinci Resolve

    • jwz says:

      Well first of all, it's a vile bait-and-switch to say 'Sure, it works on macOS!" when what that means is, "if you install X11, GNOME, and a dependency list as long as your arm." That's like saying, "It runs on macOS, all you have to do is install Windows inside a virtual machine!"

      But, it won't build anyway. MacPorts installed opencv4 but their configure script refuses to recognize it.

  2. #2 (is this even a thing) is definitely possible (and with free software) because I was using the delogo filter in VirtualDub to do this graphically with a proper alpha mask nearly 20 fucking years ago.

    AviSynth is a VirtualDub derivative which after many many forks appears to have a maintained MacOS port at

    Its plugin page suggests that DeLogo works with it:

    Here's a direct link to the script version of said filter, which explicitly says it works for avisynth:

    This hits every single pain point of bad help I know (two decades out of date, largely based on Googling the gap, and a link to a fourteen-year-old post on a German video forum) but it's better than compiling your own X server, probably.

    • turtle boughs says:

      I hate to suggest that XQuartz works well enough on MacOs, but it's what I use.

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