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Nailed it

Whatever you do, don't click on any "related videos", because Youtube hates you.

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Removing video logos

Is there some app that makes this easy? I'm guessing the answer is "no", given that all of the search results are for malware "Free Online Tools" spam sites.

The only way I know of is with ffmpeg, but the syntax is incredibly tedious and time-consuming to create: you need to type in the rectangle in pixels, and the start/stop time in seconds. To do it for one across the whole video is awful:

-vf "delogo= x=1640 :y=3 :w=270 :h=90 :show=1"

but to do more than one, or to add start and stop times, it's completely bonkers:

-vf "delogo= x=60 :y=310 :w=180 :h=120 :show=1
    :enable='if(between(t, 11, 22), 1, between(t, 219, 231))'"

(And you can't type those seconds as H:MM:SS, either.) I just want to drag out a rectangle with my mouse, and select the range on a time slider. Why is this too much to ask?

(And obviously I want this hypothetical tool to automatically recognize them, too. ENHANCE! ENHANCE!)

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Essential Station Operations.

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Pizza Arbitrage

Sometimes I have to post a link just so that people will stop sending it to me:

Which brings us to the question - what is the point of all this? These platforms are all losing money. Just think of all the meetings and lines of code and phone calls to make all of these nefarious things happen which just continue to bleed money. Why go through all this trouble?

Grubhub just lost $33 million on $360 million of revenue in Q1.

Doordash reportedly lost an insane $450 million off $900 million in revenue in 2019 (which does make me wonder if my dream of a decentralized network of pizza arbitrageurs does exist).

Uber Eats is Uber's "most profitable division" 😂😂. Uber Eats lost $461 million in Q4 2019 off of revenue of $734 million. Sometimes I need to write this out to remind myself. Uber Eats spent $1.2 billion to make $734 million. In one quarter.

Amazon just bailed on restaurant delivery in the U.S.

What is it about the food delivery platform business? Restaurants are hurt. The primary labor is treated poorly. And the businesses themselves are terrible. [...] How did we get to a place where billions of dollars are exchanged in millions of business transactions but there are no winners? [...]

You have insanely large pools of capital creating an incredibly inefficient money-losing business model. It's used to subsidize an untenable customer expectation. You leverage a broken workforce to minimize your genuine labor expenses. The companies unload their capital cannons on customer acquisition, while this week's Uber-Grubhub news reminds us, the only viable endgame is a promise of monopoly concentration and increased prices. But is that even viable?

Third-party delivery platforms, as they've been built, just seem like the wrong model, but instead of testing, failing, and evolving, they've been subsidized into market dominance.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein COVID-19 is likely to finish the job that Live Nation and Golden Voice started.

One of the most likely outcomes of this pandemic is that the vast majority of independently-owned venues will go out of business, wiping the slate clean for multinational superpredators Live Nation and Golden Voice to fill those voids. That's been their mission for years, and this can only accelerate it.

Their M.O. has long been to wait until an independent venue is in financial trouble, and then take it over and either turn it into an undifferentiated franchise, or simply disassemble it, as they recently did with Slim's.

So all venues will be Live Nation, just like all restaurants will be Taco Bell (or Ruth's Chris Steak House).

With No Timeline for Reopening, SF's Independent Venues Seek Lifeline

Bedard worries that smaller venues without backing from Live Nation or Goldenvoice, diversified corporations with credit lines deep enough to weather the storm (though not without layoffs), will shutter before they're able to adapt. It could be "financially less ruinous," Bedard said, for venues to close than to continue operating at a loss whenever the concert restrictions lift. [...]

Independent venues closing could also solidify the controversial expansion of Live Nation and AEG, parent company of Coachella promoter Goldenvoice, into the local concert market.

Live Nation, which operates the Fillmore Auditorium, the Masonic, and August Hall, can burn $150 million a month for the rest of the year "without any concern," company president Joe Berchtold told Billboard.

$150,000,000 a month. A month.


Buy some pizza, ok? Best if ordered for pick-up by phone at 415-626-0166 so that we don't have to give away almost our entire margin to the extortionate delivery services.


Restart The Bullshit Economy

David Graeber:

What precisely do people mean by "getting the economy up again"? If the economy is how you keep people alive, fed, clothed, housed, etc, the economy was still running during lockdown. So in what sense is "the economy" coming back when lockdown is lifted?

I can only conclude this is the voice of those people whose work has been revealed to be largely or completely useless who have become impatient that the veil is lifted, or worried if it is too long, they won't be able to put it back.

What's being restored is not "the economy" -- it's precisely the bullshit economy, all those managers who supervise other managers, all those people whose job is ultimately to convince you the existence of their jobs is not insane.

The only reason there's even a possibility of restoring the veil is the maintenance of the old 20C rubric of "productivity", since yes, some factories have shut down, eventually stock of refrigerators or harmonicas will have to be replenished.

But this is now a small part of the economy, most labour isn't "productive" in that material sense & framing things in terms of "productivity" (i.e., in official stats they even talk about the productivity of real estate) is ultimately a way of claiming that anything that produces profit (like real estate) is "productive" and therefore that all those managers and consultants really are making something after all.

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Fucking Facebook

"Your content couldn't be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards".

That content? This twit:

From the Before Times: 3 TEETH + VOWWS + STRIPLICKER in 2016!
Your continued support is critical, please help!
dnapizza.com - You miss our tots and nuggets, right?

#dnalounge #3teeth #deathguild #vowws #striplicker...

And also today:

From: Instagram <no-reply@mail.instagram.com>
Subject: Your video has been re-posted
Date: Sat, 16 May 2020 05:14:14 -0700

We received your appeal and re-posted the video you originally shared at 1:14 PM on January 5, 2018.

View Video

So those takedowns happen in seconds, and the appeals are processed in just as timely a fashion -- a mere 862 days! They sat on this for more than twenty-eight months.

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jwz mixtape 215

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 215.

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