"Fact-checking" as Capitalist Kayfabe


Tech isn't interested in fact-checking because all content is profitable, whether accurate or intentionally inaccurate. In fact, misinformation is demonstrably more popular and profitable and their financial bottom line is symbiotic with the spread of dangerous misinformation.

These people are not bound by duty or honor or obligation to the better good. They're completely anti-political and anti-ideology. Their only purpose is the accumulation of power and profit. This is the cumulative result of hyper-capitalism, profit unbound by morality.

Facebook and Twitter are unwilling to check Trump or put an end to weaponized misinformation because both are immensely profitable to them.

Our economy rewards destruction and unhealthy behavior. This pandemic and crisis are crystallizing it, but it's been at work for decades.

The "fact check" move on Trump was an impotent gesture because Twitter needed to do something to handle the PR hit and date Trump's critics. Facebook is a Right Wing fever-dream cesspool and embraces it for profit. [...]

You're watching a professional wrestling match. Trump and Twitter and Facebook are all symbiotic and all interested in the same pursuit: dismantling democratic government as an impediment to profit and power. All gestures to freedom or reform or whatever are just fake punches.

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