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A modern quandary for the ultra-wealthy: a yacht awaits at harbor, but how to safely reach it without risking exposure to the germ-ridden masses?

Global aviation company VistaJet has a solution. Spurred by member demand, clients can reserve a freshly sanitized jet to fly them to a yacht moored in Malta. [...]

In addition to multiple yacht marinas and a mild Mediterranean climate, the country levies zero taxes on income or capital gains earned outside Malta and there's no estate tax, making it a popular choice for the ultra-rich when it comes to buying a second citizenship. Yes, buying. A Maltese passport can be yours for just $1.3 million in cash and property.

Regardless of whether you've gotten around to becoming Maltese, members en route to their personal or chartered yacht must provide a "health declaration," which sounds formal but which the company said is "self-appointed." Temperatures will be taken on the jet, and surgical masks and gloves will be provided by the crew. On arrival, would-be yachters will be whisked away to a VIP lounge where customs agents will inspect passports and a nurse will again do a temperature check.

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