When Was Elmo Radicalized?

Matt Rourke:

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we've got face masks

Ride out the pandemic with DNA Lounge on your face! Elastic polyester face masks with adjustable ear straps, and including a disposable 3-layer filtration mask pad. $15 each.

If these sell well, we will probably do some different designs in the future, so if you know of a good vendor who can do custom mask printing, let me know. It was surprisingly hard to find one that actually specified the printable area and wasn't all "call for quote".

Relatedly, the DNA Lounge store now has a "hold for pick-up" option at checkout, so you can avoid the shipping fees by picking up your merch in person at DNA Pizza.

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Today in "Landfill Capitalism" News

Truckloads of JUMP Bikes Are Being Destroyed During a Nationwide Shortage

JUMP, a bike-and-scooter share startup sold to Uber in 2018, operates in 37 cities around the world, including 18 in the U.S., according to the company's website. Under pressure to pursue profitability, Uber dumped JUMP onto Lime, another micromobility company with operations in 114 cities around the world, in a complicated deal earlier this month that resulted in Uber taking a larger share in Lime. The fate of JUMP and its distinctive red bikes and scooters was unclear until the videos of the crushers began to surface. [...]

An Uber spokesperson said,"We explored donating the remaining, older-model bikes, but [ we decided that we just didn't give a shit. ]"

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Fact Check!

"Social media should not fact check posts" says child molester Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has today hit out at Twitter owner Jack Dorsey following blowback from the White House on twitter's plans to factcheck tweets. "Social media companies should not be acting as factcheckers and arbiters of the truth," announced Zuckerberg this afternoon, "also by the way I like to spread peanut butter on the wall and lick it off while naked."

The billionaire social media mogul, who spends his free time taking candy from children, instead suggested that social media companies should allow all speech on their platforms, and only intervene if there was a threat of imminent harm to someone's life, like the woman he keeps chained in his basement.

"On the other hand, I just really like the taste of goat urine," explained Zuckerberg thoughtfully, "can't get enough."

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"Fact-checking" as Capitalist Kayfabe


Tech isn't interested in fact-checking because all content is profitable, whether accurate or intentionally inaccurate. In fact, misinformation is demonstrably more popular and profitable and their financial bottom line is symbiotic with the spread of dangerous misinformation.

These people are not bound by duty or honor or obligation to the better good. They're completely anti-political and anti-ideology. Their only purpose is the accumulation of power and profit. This is the cumulative result of hyper-capitalism, profit unbound by morality.

Facebook and Twitter are unwilling to check Trump or put an end to weaponized misinformation because both are immensely profitable to them.

Our economy rewards destruction and unhealthy behavior. This pandemic and crisis are crystallizing it, but it's been at work for decades.

The "fact check" move on Trump was an impotent gesture because Twitter needed to do something to handle the PR hit and date Trump's critics. Facebook is a Right Wing fever-dream cesspool and embraces it for profit. [...]

You're watching a professional wrestling match. Trump and Twitter and Facebook are all symbiotic and all interested in the same pursuit: dismantling democratic government as an impediment to profit and power. All gestures to freedom or reform or whatever are just fake punches.

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Dear Lazyweb,

What's a way to re-mount a USB APFS read-only on macOS 10.14 or 15? I've resorted to this indignity, and it only works like 3/4ths of the time:

dev=`mount | grep "$dir" | sed 's/ .*//'`

# Doesn't work with AFPS:
( mount -ur -o nodev,nosuid "$dir" 2>&- >&- ) || (

 (            diskutil unmount "$dev" 2>&- >&-  ) ||
 ( sleep 10 ; diskutil unmount "$dev" 2>&- >&-  ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil unmount "$dev" 2>&- >&-  ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil unmount "$dev" 2>&- >&-  ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil unmount "$dev" 2>&- >&-  ) ||
 echo "FAILED TO UNMOUNT $dev $dir"

 ( sleep 10 ; diskutil mount readOnly "$dev" 2>&- >&- ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil mount readOnly "$dev" 2>&- >&- ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil mount readOnly "$dev" 2>&- >&- ) ||
 ( sleep 30 ; diskutil mount readOnly "$dev" 2>&- >&- ) ||
 echo "FAILED TO REMOUNT $dev $dir"

It's the unmount step that fails most often ("busy"), though sometimes the mount step fails instead. Spotlight is turned off.

I have a backup drive that I rsync to periodically, and proper data hygiene demands that the drive be mounted writable only during the 5 minutes that I actually intend to be writing to it.

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Today in Hot Superyacht Probs

A modern quandary for the ultra-wealthy: a yacht awaits at harbor, but how to safely reach it without risking exposure to the germ-ridden masses?

Global aviation company VistaJet has a solution. Spurred by member demand, clients can reserve a freshly sanitized jet to fly them to a yacht moored in Malta. [...]

In addition to multiple yacht marinas and a mild Mediterranean climate, the country levies zero taxes on income or capital gains earned outside Malta and there's no estate tax, making it a popular choice for the ultra-rich when it comes to buying a second citizenship. Yes, buying. A Maltese passport can be yours for just $1.3 million in cash and property.

Regardless of whether you've gotten around to becoming Maltese, members en route to their personal or chartered yacht must provide a "health declaration," which sounds formal but which the company said is "self-appointed." Temperatures will be taken on the jet, and surgical masks and gloves will be provided by the crew. On arrival, would-be yachters will be whisked away to a VIP lounge where customs agents will inspect passports and a nurse will again do a temperature check.

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I sure do miss this place.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the bars are dropping like flies, and there are new ABC shenanigans.

Look at our beautiful cocktail jars! Why don't you stop by and take some home with you? I added the full menu of all the cocktails our Liquor Scienticians have been developing for you.

Remember, if you pick them up instead of having them delivered, the delivery services don't take their 15% pound of flesh from us. Call ahead! 415-626-0166.

You've probably heard that The Stud is closing, at least for the foreseeable future. Here's a good article about it, with a nice history of the place:

Stud Stories: Remembering a Bar That Epitomized Everything Great and Weird About San Francisco

The place has been living on borrowed time -- albeit very creatively -- for about four years. Things have been uncertain ever since the previous owner sold the business when facing a steep rent hike, and it became clear that the offspring of the now deceased original property owners intended to develop the site or sell it for development and profit handsomely. (In recent years, the gargantuan L7 apartment complex rose next door to Stud's tiny edifice on what had for decades been a surface parking lot for Muni and Golden Gate Transit buses, and the image began to feel like one of those cinematic fast-forwards about gentrification.) The Stud Collective, recognizing this, began hunting for a new space in 2016 even as they got one and then another two-year lease from the property owners.

Given that their current location wasn't going to last much longer, it makes total sense for them to stop paying rent on an empty building now, and save that for their new location instead. Still, it's sad.

In these last few weeks DNA Lounge has had it slightly easier than many of our fellow bars and clubs because we are also a restaurant. Venues that are 21+ have, so far, been prohibited from doing any business at all. Though we're allowed to deliver liquor and our delicious cocktails, that's only in conjunction with a food order.

Well, this week, bars are allowed to start delivering cocktails, but ABC is demanding that they sell food, too. Which is a pain in the ass if you are not a restaurant, and do not have a kitchen.

San Francisco Bar Owners Struggle With Reopening Requirements

The announcement allowing bars, wineries, distilleries and breweries that do not have their own kitchens but that partner with meal providers to sell alcoholic beverages to-go was made Friday by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Dalton owns Future Bars, which has about a dozen locations in San Francisco. He says pivoting his business model to suddenly partner with restaurants or food vendors is an undue burden and logistically challenging. He wants the city and ABC to go a step further, and relax the meal requirement.

Though we were all shocked, and pleased, to learn that ABC was going to allow us to sell to-go alcohol, never forget that this agency is no friend of the industry that they purport to be regulating. Their idea of "regulate" almost always most closely resembles "destroy".

For example!

ABC is currently ramping up a set of sting operations where under-age people try to order alcohol. And simultaneously, they are in the process of changing their rules so that if you fall victim to that sting, you lose your license with essentially no hope of appeal:

Booze Rules: The Latest on the ABC Emergency Rules

The new "rules" do away with most due process protections for licensees including discovery of relevant evidence, responsive pleadings, time to prepare for hearing and mandatory live administrative hearings before license suspension or revocation being imposed. [...] The new rules do not go away if the COVID 19 "emergency" goes away. From now on an "emergency" is anything the ABC says is an "emergency." [...]

Now the ABC wants to Include the Use of Minor Police Employed Decoys as "Emergencies" justifying the suspension of due process protections.

On May 20, the ABC upped the ante on the new emergency regulations by including a new category of offense in the emergency rules -- sale to a minor employed by the police as a decoy to accept alcoholic beverages from a delivery driver acting as the "agent" of the selling licensee. [...]

Minor decoy penalties are draconian. The first violation is a 15-day license suspension, the second in a 36-month period is a mandatory 25-day license suspension and the third in a 36 -month period is license revocation.

Given these violations are also criminal violations for the delivery person (which could be any of the delivery services, including FedEx and UPS) this may bring the current work around of delivering alcohol to a screeching halt. I cannot imagine the major delivery services agreeing to carry alcohol when doing so exposes them and their drivers to criminal liability for not carding someone wearing a mask because of COVID 19 concerns and requiring the driver to leave the package on the front porch. [...]

The ABC is using the COVID 19 crisis as an excuse to implement a system of permanent "emergency" orders that would abrogate licensee rights to defend themselves and their licenses in administrative proceedings.

ABC's goal is not "regulation" of the alcohol industry. It is the destruction of it. The agency grew out of Prohibition, and they have not changed.

Taking advantage of a pandemic to push through onerous new "emergency" powers is as repulsive as it is unsurprising. Into every plague come the plague rats.

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Amazon compromises local news ahead of their shareholders meeting.

11 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment:

Amazon is taking proactive action ahead of Wednesday's annual shareholders meeting -- at which investors plan on demanding the company address worker safety issues after at least eight warehouse employees have died of COVID-19 -- by pushing a package to local news outlets that promotes the corporation's health and safety efforts.

While most TV news professionals have scoffed at the idea of running Amazon-provided content as news, at least 11 stations across the country ran some form of the package on their news broadcasts. The package -- you can view the script Amazon provided to news stations here -- was produced by Amazon spokesperson Todd Walker.

Only one station, Toledo ABC affiliate WTVG, acknowledged that Walker was an Amazon employee, not a news reporter, and that the content had come from Amazon.

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