What Day Is It?

With Todd Meany

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  1. I resent the notion that I wouldn't know the day of the week because I'm working from home. A lot of times I don't know the day of the week during normal times, either!

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Back in the before times (when I didn't even have Internet in my home) some of my friends purchased me an alarm clock that understands when exactly it is. It was reassuring, waking up, to look across and see that it's now apparently 14:18 on Tuesday. If I was really confused I could hit a button and it would get more specific, 04-07, right, April, yes, I remember it being March last time. Even more bewildered? Hit the button again, 2020. OK, now I remember. It used to sync once per hour but annoyingly it did so on the rising side, so it'd take almost half an hour to grok that local time had been shifted back or forth by one hour. It handled leap seconds correctly!

      They were inspired to buy it because from my point of view it was insane that common alarm clocks were 12-hour. How am I supposed to know if this is 0218 and it's useless to get up because everything is closed, or 1418 and I'm late?

      • I think I never had a digital clock that wasn't 24h although I can't really see myself getting confused over 14:00 / 02:00.

        Aside from the latency in seasonal shift this clock of yours sounds awesome :) I remember twice getting confused regarding the year in my whole life, a few times a year regarding the month and I'd say like 1.5 times a week regarding the day. Odd about the day is, most of the times I'm confused about the weekday on mondays - I mean, come on, how can you not know that you weren't working yesterday ^^ The exact date almost has no meaning for me. Both my home (Windows) and work (MacOS) machines show the date and I can't even tell anymore how often I look that up. Now that I think of it, my Mac shows the weekday, too. It's likely I'm only getting confused about the weekday when not sitting in front of it.

        Now in full blabbering mode: On vacation losing track of the weekday seems to be more common. But once I was with a friend at IKEA and after checkout I wished a nice weekend (which the cashier gave back!) and my friend started laughing saying "It's only Tuesday" :D

        • I still have a Chumby (remember Chumby) that I am using for an alarm clock, because it does all the stuff you mention!

          • Oh, my poor Chumbys... I love every one of them, but they're not doing much more than showing SpaceClock now days.

            If yours starts flaking out, the SD card inside might finally be failing. I think I have a process to get a working image back on a new card. Let me know if I can help!

            • Good to know what to look for if mine quits. I have an extra Chumby somewhere in a box already. My wall wart failed, and a friend gave me the wall wart from his unused Chumby to keep mine alive. Since without the wall wart the Chumby wasn't too useful, he gave me that too.

              Mine is doing absolutely nothing more than showing SpaceClock or Night Mode Clock. Are there any other widgets still functioning?

              The Chumby widget I miss the most is the random security cam feed...exterminate all rational thought...

              • There are a couple of RSS feed wrappers that still work, simply by nature of RSS still working, like the Y-Combinator hacker news one. Most of the clocks work, to some extent. But anything that required a back-end is pretty much dead. I imagine pretty much all the weather feeds are now gone, too.

                I finally got an Amazon Echo Show to see if it is good enough to replace a Chumby.

                It really isn't. :(

                • TravisD says:

                  If you throw the folks at chumby.com a couple of bucks you can activate most of the widgets. The original developer is keeping the backend stuff alive.

          • Zach says:

            At one point, I was having trouble where I'd manage to turn off the Chumby alarm and fall back asleep for an extended period of time. Fortunately, the Chumby would load a custom alarm screen off a USB stick, so I fired up Flash and built a screen that required a four digit code to be entered to silence the alarm, with small buttons one had to be reasonably awake to operate.

            It seems weird that "device that will execute whatever random software you put on it" is increasingly a thing of the past now.

        • Paul Gorman says:

          My desk-side clock indicates PDT or PST, because daylight savings time or the other one is stupid and I can't ever remember which is which.

  2. Bob says:

    Late to the party, but when I worked nights, sometimes I would wake up at 7 or 8.

    My alarm only had a 12 hour clock and I wouldn't know if it was AM or PM, especially when it was DST or if there was some severe weather and dark skies (much more common than you would think).

    So, I'd either been asleep 1 hour, or 12 hours.

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