We Are Taking COVID-19 Seriously

chrissyteigen: "does anyone know if we will get through this together or not? or if these times are certain or uncertain? no one letting me know"

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7 Responses:

  1. Tha_14 says:

    I can't really relate to the comic since only my bank sent me one of these "We are keeping our customers safe!" emails so far. Meanwhile, the spam emails containing "covid-19" in the title getting rejected by my rspamd setup are rising more and more each day...

    • phuzz says:

      Maybe they have been sending them, but your spam filter has been working correctly?

      • Tha_14 says:

        I though the same thing but my personal email is gmail(spam folder is usually empty) and nothing on my business email(according to rspamd). It's just my client's getting bombarded every day.

  2. apm74 says:

    DNA Pizza: You're On Your Own Here, but Keep Eating Our Pizza.

  3. Kyzer says:

    All my "dear customer" emails have been to set expectations about their support helplines, rather than "we exist, please continue to give us money".

    I presume it's because all their staff are working from home and so there's nobody to strictly enforce bathroom time limits. How will they cope?

    Meanwhile, on US tellies, these.

  4. ACME Labs wants you to know that our software is always delivered to you untouched by human hands. We make no promises about monkey hands though.

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