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  1. tfb says:

    So now is the time for the golden gods of American capitalism to do something useful for once. The second-largest funder of the WHO is already the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (it says here). There are lots of other billionaires in the US: can't they just step up and fund the fucking thing?

    • DMW says:

      They were just going to waste it on medicine for poor people anyway.

      I can't wait to see what he pulls today. The campaign video on Monday and this on Tuesday and it still hasn't changed the subject of what did he do in February other than fiddle. The reporters were actually calling him a liar in the questions. I'm thinking his only way out at this point is to ban reporters from the press conference for "safety".

      I suppose he could keep ignoring the questions and instead spout garbage about how awesome the China trade deal is. That would be really disappointing.

      • DMW says:

        Spoiler alert. The distraction was an announcement that he'd announce the end to the lockdown tomorrow, oh and by the way he was going to start appointing nominees w/o congressional approval.

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