jwz mixtape 214

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 214.

Bonus mixtape this time. Of late, the mixtapes have been my recent musical discoveries, but this one is just some random old stuff.

Today as I was lying on the floor, regretting my life choices while day-drinking (absinthe and water), reading (Christopher Brookmyre, Country of the Blind), and idly VJing on the DNA stream for myself and the zero-to-one other people listening who may or may not have been bots ("webcast like nobody's watching"), it occured to me that, hey, I could just call this a mixtape. So here we are.

If you don't love it, I can't help you.

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12 Responses:

  1. Never knew about your your DNA stream, noice, thanks!

  2. City Farmer says:

    I love this music video and you. This is my new favorite website, and I have never felt more connected to someone I have never met. I will strive to be as funny and cool as you everyday. I hope one day we will meet. It is my only dream. Some of my favorite things include, you, my pets, my computer (that led me to this website), tacos, and joy. HMU if you want to get me some mormon underwear, i´ll take it off for you;)

  3. Wolpertwo says:

    "absinthe and water" - a stylish choice for day-drinking.

  4. thielges says:

    Amazing primitive production of that Adam Ant video. Bet it was produced for under three figures. I’m imagining his manager saying “Stu, there’s a new media outlet called MTV that was tailor made for you. We need to produce a video ASAP. Meet me down on the stage of the Shepherd’s Bush Empire before tonight’s show. I’ve got uncle Mort’s betacam and we’ll shoot you dancing to Xerox Machine in front of the stage lighting. Lunch at the corner pub on me. It’s going to be Massive !”

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Is it just the music video that has a lousy mix? Because that was almost unlistenable. I already liked Client's version better (I hadn't previously seen this video for it, which doesn't make me like it any less) but the Adam Ant video sounds like it's a hand-held cassette recording of a live performance.

      • thielges says:

        Uncle Mort didn’t have the 20’ cable to patch the audio feed directly into the betacam. A trip to Jessops to buy that cable would have doubled the production costs. So they just recorded ambient audio from the stage speakers to the built-in mic.

  5. mattl says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one using the stream to VJ for a tiny crowd.

  6. Paul Lindner says:

    Hang in there.

    Dropped another donation to put some salve on the wound.