Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B Keyboard Sanitizer

Always sanitize your user input.

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8 Responses:

  1. Tha_14 says:

    Why do I want this?

  2. cephalopoid says:

    Getting rid of ESC and keeping Caps Lock? Heresy!

    • Tha_14 says:

      Maybe he has mapped it to another key but hasn't changed the keycap? Who knows!

      • jwz says:

        This is not a person who is lackadaisical about their keycaps.

        • Tha_14 says:

          That answers it then. He definitely mapped/disabled caps lock.

          • BHN says:

            No, it's on ESC to ensure that it gets pressed often. You are doing all of your editing work in vi, right?

  3. Zygo says:

    I wipe down my smartphone a lot these days, during and after the few times I am out in public, because we now have a virulent and slightly deadly disease going around that can literally be contracted from a dirty telephone.

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