Facebook versus NSO Group

There are no winners here.

Facebook, the anti-social network widely recognized as the standard-bearer for horrible privacy violations, is squaring off in court with an equally reprehensible spyware company -- and things are getting spicy. Surveillance vendor NSO Group ("Dictators' choice!" -- not their actual slogan) told the court that Facebook has had such a hard time spying on people without consent on Apple products, that Zuck's minions approached NSO in 2017 to contract use of NSO's famously reprehensible spyware, Pegasus. [...]

It will feel gross learning about more terrible stuff they do to us (and want to do to us), but maybe some judge or juror somewhere will see fit to render justice in the way NSO and Facebook deserve: tossing a nail-studded baseball bat on the floor.

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One Response:

  1. Aidan Gauland says:

    Neither of you went with the obvious classic? Tsk tsk.
    Whoever wins, we all lose.

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