Blue Angels to Fly in Honor of Healthcare Workers, Who Clearly Did Not Ask for This

How will these air demonstration squads honor them? By wasting $60,000 an hour over SF and at least 30 U.S. cities to "champion national unity."

The large-scale series of squadron formations is to be called "Operation America Strong," which is such crude caveman grammar that you figure Trump came up with that name himself. [...]

If there were some way to turn this into a charitable fundraiser for healthcare workers, protective supplies, or laid-off Americans, that might be something we could get behind. But there is no mention of any of these things in Pentagon's announcement, just "national unity" and "tribute to our great warriors" bullshit that is clearly designed to paper over Trump's dismal 23 percent approval of his response to the pandemic.

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  1. chipb says:

    I’m honestly surprised it’s only $60K an hour. What a bargain!

    • margaret says:

      yeah - maybe per minute... but assuming pilots gonna pilot how much more expensive is it to have them pilot over location X than location Y?

      • Not Frank says:

        Ah, but this is a specific performance team (well, pair of teams), not a rotating crew from all military pilots trained on those jets. While I'm sure they get regular practice, it's not clear it's nearly as much as this set of performances.

        • jwz says:

          To be clear, the people who fly these planes are not regular military pilots. They are in the "stunt pilot" program which is part of public relations. These are not hot-shot soldiers pulled out of their regular jobs to put on a show every now and then, who then go back to using their mad skills to blow shit up. It's as different track entirely. What they do, and what they are trained for, has nothing to do with military training, "combat readiness", whatever you want to call it.

          • margaret says:

            looks like "OPERATION AMERICA STRONG" is bypassing your fair city according to air force magazine. apparently the speaker of the house's district doesn't need the morale boost.

    • Smegma Butterley says:

      It obviously isn't. My guess would be that might be the fuel cost for the whole flight. Meanwhile not just the pilots and their jets are being flown around, but also supporting maintainers, who are using up parts and generally endangering themselves because they are under orders to protect Trump's corrupt attempts to build PR.

    • City Farmer says:

      I would do anything for 60K and hour ;)

  2. cephalopoid says:

    What a coincidence. This week I've written a sort of memoir about how my view on technology and consumption changed in the past year and a half. It was heavily influenced from the point I stumbled on your post of that comic and followed the road of the comments.

    On the subject of the airplane parades, I'm very sorry your goverment thinks this is the right way to gain the citizen's support.

    • Tha_14 says:

      On the airplane parades subject, I would think of it more of a display of power than what you said considering this is trump's doing...

      • Tha_14 says:

        Ohh snap, you got me there son.

      • cephalopoid says:

        "Trump," or the republican administration currently in power, is part of the US government, right?
        I might be rusty on US politics, though. From across the pond, it just kind of looks like their version of democracy is fundamentally broken in all sorts of ways. It's a bummer Bernie had to drop out of the race for temporary dictatorship, he seems like a promising character.

  3. tfb says:

    And of course people will go outside and gather in groups in open spaces to watch these displays, and of course that's not a bad thing to do, at all.

    • City Farmer says:

      I disagree, I feel that these airplane parades are both dangerous and not following social distancing guidelines. Though I do see the other side, I feel like it is a dumb idea and Trump continues to be a dumbass. However, I belive the holy spirit has my back along with yalls.

  4. Nibby says:

    I notice that other household pets, not just me, get a pseudo-postwar PTSD when they do their practice bombing runs over the city. Then again, they did kill themselves at least 26 times, and demolish a suburban house and it's occupants, among other things.

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