DNA Lounge: Wherein we've got webcasts...

After my previous post about the delivery services, a few people have asked: "Which of the delivery services are the best from DNA's perspective? Which give you the best deal?" It's hard to tell, since they obfuscate things so much, but each one is approximately as extortionate as the next, so we don't have a strong preference.

Postmates Grubhub Doordash Slicelife Allset

But if you call us on the phone (415-626-0166) and place an order for in-person pick-up, we don't have to turn over a full 30% of that transaction to a middleman. So if you're comfortable with leaving the house, obviously that's our preference!

Besides hustling pizza and to-go cocktails, we used to be a nightclub. Are you old enough to remember what nightclubs were, in The Before Times? Please tune in to our upcoming free webcasts -- that's what we do now, with our big empty room.

I had a lot of fun doing the video editing on the upcoming Burlesquerpiece Theatre and Star Crash programs, which I strongly recommend that you watch! Maybe my true calling all along had been to do production at a public access TV station. I guess you die Edison Carter or you live long enough to see yourself become Network 23. Speaking of which, please enjoy jwz mixtape 213. Yeah I'm still doing those.

Also we're still showing my collection of music videos on the webcast whenever we're not doing something else. And you can make requests. Not too many people are tuning in, but "webcast like nobody's watching", as they say. Do they say that yet?

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