Wilhelm Reich

This month in 1952, Wilhelm Reich began defending Earth from an alien invasion using a battery of surface-to-air orgasmatrons.

(4) The severe DOR effects began at Orgonon during the vernal equinox for three years. Leslie starts his report with the 30th of March 1952; my own report on the "Blackening Rocks" (OEB V/1,2, 1952). This is no mere coincidence. The month of Apri 1952 was reported in the Oranur report just mentioned as the period when the nauseating DOR clouds were observed for the first time in the Rangeley region. April 1952 is, according to Leslie's report, also the month with the most frequent sightings of CORE space ships. The nauseating DOR clouds must have some connection with the space ships. [...]

Operation Galactic OR Stream had demonstrated the tremendous power of a single cloudbuster, brought into action on the basis of the knowledge of the Cosmic OR Energy streams. It was immediately clear what this would mean in the hands of sick men. Therefore, the legislative procedures of the Eisenhower administration which tended to secure safety in weather control were greatly appreciated. [...]

(7) There can no longer be any doubt as to the source of the substance called Melanor. It disclosed heretofore entirely unknown characteristics. Melanor stems from the CORE men and their space ships. However, there are several questions which must be answered in due time if the menace which the DOR clouds as well as Melanor present for the human race, is to be met. Any definite questions themselves should be formulated now. They may direct us toward the true, valid answer in due time. [...]

(C) If the DOR clouds are results of deliberate action on the part of the people from space:

(a) Are these intentions benign? Do they want to help us? This possibility cannot be and should not be excluded, since Oranur and DOR have disclosed most fantastic curative qualities, in spite of the DOR sickness, or maybe just because of the DOR sickness; it represents a kind of immunization which the people on Earth are bound to go through.

(b) Or, are these DOR clouds designed to change our green planet into a wasteland of desert similar to the moon's surface? The severe droughts of late which coincide with the DOR as well as CORE men problem, may well be results of such deliberate action. In this case, let us not fool ourselves: the war between Earth and an invading enemy from space, using weapons strange to us, is already on and must be met right away. [...]

Things were fitting well, even too neatly for my taste. Therefore, I hesitated to tell anything to anyone about them. I only worried about what might have happened to the facts and equations which a student had acquired in 1947 to 1949. he had worked on the OR energy motor, and he disappeared in 1949 under mysterious circumstances.

(9) Just as space is not empty, light does not "come down to us from the stars and the sun". It is an effect of lumination in the OR energy envelope of the planets. It is a local phenomenon. Therefore, there is theoretically no limit to speed in cosmic space, except technically. This agrees with the apparently limitless quantities in energy functions which characterize the orgonometric "krx- system" as progressing in geometric proportions. These orgonometric calculations seem to be applicable to the technological problems of Cosmic OR Energy Streams.

There are times in the history of man when all slogans of the day become suddenly meaningless; when eternity seems to come home to every living soul. The end of 1953 was such a time.

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