jwz mixtape 214

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 214.

Bonus mixtape this time. Of late, the mixtapes have been my recent musical discoveries, but this one is just some random old stuff.

Today as I was lying on the floor, regretting my life choices while day-drinking (absinthe and water), reading (Christopher Brookmyre, Country of the Blind), and idly VJing on the DNA stream for myself and the zero-to-one other people listening who may or may not have been bots ("webcast like nobody's watching"), it occured to me that, hey, I could just call this a mixtape. So here we are.

If you don't love it, I can't help you.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein a shambler strikes.

"Don't board up your windows", they said. "That sends the wrong message", they said. "What about having some faith in humanity?" they said.

A staffer was leaving to catch the bus and one of our local street vermin came up to ask for hand sanitizer. When they didn't have any, he started screaming "YOU HAVE SHIT ON YOUR FACE" and other incoherent nonsense. They retreated and closed the garage door to wait it out, and the shambler somehow found some rocks to throw at the window until it broke.

So that's hundreds of dollars right there. (It's a very big piece of glass.)

Buy some pizza, ok?

We had put the plywood on the inside of the window instead of the outside because that was a lot easier (drilling into wood instead of into concrete) and because we were more concerned about robbery than vandalism. But clearly that was the wrong call.

This is why we can't have nice things. Or even shitty, halfassed things.

Did you hear that a few weeks ago some jerk tried to steal Lucky 13's sign?

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Blue Angels to Fly in Honor of Healthcare Workers, Who Clearly Did Not Ask for This

How will these air demonstration squads honor them? By wasting $60,000 an hour over SF and at least 30 U.S. cities to "champion national unity."

The large-scale series of squadron formations is to be called "Operation America Strong," which is such crude caveman grammar that you figure Trump came up with that name himself. [...]

If there were some way to turn this into a charitable fundraiser for healthcare workers, protective supplies, or laid-off Americans, that might be something we could get behind. But there is no mention of any of these things in Pentagon's announcement, just "national unity" and "tribute to our great warriors" bullshit that is clearly designed to paper over Trump's dismal 23 percent approval of his response to the pandemic.

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Dear Lazyweb, how do I see postfix's logs on macOS, or adjust postfix to log into a normal, sane file?

This shows a bunch of bullshit:

log show --last 1d --predicate 'processImagePath contains "postfix"' --debug

But nothing useful like, for example, any lines relating to messages being received, queued, or delivered.

macOS 10.13 or 10.14. And note that /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.postfix.master.plist is unwritable by root, so answers that involve changing that don't work.

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Is rent extraction really an "essential service"?

Mira Martin-Parker: "Ceci n'est pas une guillotine"

It seems the only kinds of businesses able to survive in San Francisco these days are places like Sightglass Café (owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey) that are cross-subsidized by high tech capital or other Wall Street investors. Independent entities like us simply can't make the numbers work, the costs involved are too great. [...]

Of course we understand the current restrictions are necessary in order to protect public health. What we don't understand is why we've received no compensation at all for our losses, and yet are simultaneously sadistically being shaken down for our rent money. Is rent extraction really an essential service? Shouldn't these businesses be shut down and forced to lose money as well? [...]

I just don't get why the resulting economic burden is being shouldered by those least able to bear it. Can't some of our numerous local billionaires ante up? Can't the rent extractors be asked to make some sacrifices?

Instead it seems as if this epidemic is providing the tech industry with what they've long desired; an opportunity to wipe out any alternative to their alienated culture of screen zombies and delivery slaves. As they say in disaster capitalism, never let a good crisis go to waste. And no doubt the real estate industry (which is intimately related to the tech industry) will come in at the end and clear us all out for non-payment on massive amounts of back rent.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we've got webcasts...

After my previous post about the delivery services, a few people have asked: "Which of the delivery services are the best from DNA's perspective? Which give you the best deal?" It's hard to tell, since they obfuscate things so much, but each one is approximately as extortionate as the next, so we don't have a strong preference.

Postmates Grubhub Doordash Slicelife Allset

But if you call us on the phone (415-626-0166) and place an order for in-person pick-up, we don't have to turn over a full 30% of that transaction to a middleman. So if you're comfortable with leaving the house, obviously that's our preference!

Besides hustling pizza and to-go cocktails, we used to be a nightclub. Are you old enough to remember what nightclubs were, in The Before Times? Please tune in to our upcoming free webcasts -- that's what we do now, with our big empty room.

I had a lot of fun doing the video editing on the upcoming Burlesquerpiece Theatre and Star Crash programs, which I strongly recommend that you watch! Maybe my true calling all along had been to do production at a public access TV station. I guess you die Edison Carter or you live long enough to see yourself become Network 23. Speaking of which, please enjoy jwz mixtape 213. Yeah I'm still doing those.

Also we're still showing my collection of music videos on the webcast whenever we're not doing something else. And you can make requests. Not too many people are tuning in, but "webcast like nobody's watching", as they say. Do they say that yet?

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As a bar owner, I can corroborate this

kyscottt: ur doing great sweetie

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Grand Bingelmeister!!

Four Artifacts of Mid-20th-Century "Norton Culture"

This is almost comically large for something to be worn pinned to one's chest. But, the silly size is fitting for a medal that also features images of pistols, prospecting tools and an animal skull -- and is designated specifically to be worn by the "Grand Bingelmeister."

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Saint Ripley, Patron of Quarrantines

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The Anti-Mask League of 1919

timkmak: A thread about the Anti-Mask League of 1919. (Unrolled.)

Initial mask wearing was good -- around 80 percent. By November cases were down, and public health officials recommended re-opening the city. Residents rushed to entertainment venues after having been denied this communal joy for months. The Mayor himself was fined by his own police chief after going to a show without a mask.

But a second wave surged in Dec 1918, and SF's Health Officer again urged people to wear masks voluntarily. [...]

San Francisco residents were fed up. This was the second wave of the pandemic, and they had already spent months between Sept and Nov being hassled, fined and even arrested for not having a mask on. Challenges of constitutionality were heard.

Christian Scientists objected, arguing that it was "subversive of personal liberty and constitutional rights." Civil libertarians argued that if health officials could force them to wear masks, then it could force them to inoculate "or any experiment or indignity." [...]

Over 2,000 people attended an event formed by San Franciscans called themselves 'THE ANTI-MASK LEAGUE,' denouncing the mandatory masking ordinance. [...] Moderates in the Anti-Mask League wanted to circulate an anti-mask petition. Extremists wanted to initiate recall proceedings of SF's Public Health Officer. [...]

We learn through this episode that various groups of Americans have been pushing back against public health measures for more than a hundred years -- and for similar reasons!


As of 8pm tonight, wearing a mask in public places around other people who are also wearing masks is both forbidden and required by New York law. I'm sure the police will enforce these contradictory mandates in a completely rational & nondiscriminatory fashion. [...]

Although @mjs_DC is undoubtedly right that many anti-mask laws were passed to fight the KKK, New York's anti-mask law actually dates to 1845 when it was passed to suppress the "anti-rent movement" of upstate tenant farmers.

NY's anti-mask law has been used against radicals ever since. In 2004, a state appeals court upheld the convictions of 11 anarchists who "covered their faces with bandanas while shouting epithets and political slogans during a May Day demonstration in Union Square Park."

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