Great Moments in Taxonomy

Cory Doctorow:

I'd been suspended for having a list to which I add trolls called "colossal assholes." [...] Weirder: "Colossal assholes" got me suspended, but not its companion list, "Toe-faced shitweasels". [...]

In response to Twitter's sensitivity about "colossal assholes" as a listname, I've renamed and expanded my lists.

  • Potent emetics
  • Tissue-thin bad faith
  • Foolish timewasters
  • Beneath contempt
  • Odious nonsense-spewers
  • Confederate gravy-eaters
  • Toe-faced stenchweasels
  • Hilariously inept lackwits
  • Probably bots
  • Thick as two short planks
  • Raving conspiracists
  • Sociopath climate deniers
  • Dim bulb centrists
  • Inept MAGA trolls
  • Red scare bedwetters

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3 Responses:

  1. Bob says:

    I'd go with "Accounts twitter is too lazy to ban" unless there is a limitation on the length of the list name.

    If there is a length limitation: "Not buying drinks for" or "Ignore list"

  2. tfb says:

    I suspect that searching respectively for 'colossal asshole' and 'toe-faced shitweasel' on some of the more popular sites on the internet might reveal why they were more sensitive about one term than the other. I also suspect he knows this. Not that objecting to either term is reasonable.

  3. puggy says:

    Wherein "social media" teaches people what words to use.

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