DNA Lounge: Wherein we have cocktails for delivery, and some upcoming webcasts.

Jared and Lisa have put together some pre-made cocktails in mason jars! Roughly three servings per jar, well, depending on how you drink. Currently on the menu are:

  • A Black Manhattan, using Slow and Low honey and orange infused rye, with a little Fernet to balance the sweetness.
  • A classic Sazerac (my personal favorite!)
  • A brown sugar margarita with a little orange in it.
  • A lavender lemonade gin cooler.

Get 'em now on Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash or Allset. And you can still get our DNA Lounge brand bottles of vodka, rum and gin, as well.

Also we have some more party-in-place webcast-only online events coming up!

  • Tomorrow, Fri, Mar 27: GGP Virtual Charity Party:

    A live-stream of DJs from GGP, the Gay Gaming Professionals party that, along with the Game Developer's Conference, was our first cancellation during this outbreak. They've also got some VR thing going on...

  • Sat, Mar 28: Turbo Drive:

    Devon, Danny Delorean and Meikee Magnetic will be spinning the finest in synthwave for you, live from the neon-styled DNA main stage.

  • Mon, Mar 30: Death Guild:

    Goth-in-place with live DJ sets from Decay, Bit, and the usual suspects. Don't forget to harass them on the Snark-a-Tron.

  • Next Fri, Apr 3: Hubba Hubba Revue presents Burlesquerpiece Theatre:

    A look back at some of the best Hubba Hubba Revue acts from the last few years. Sit by the fire, pour yourself a brandy, and take a sexy trip down memory lane with your host, Alistair Kingfish.

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