John Carpenter Announces Release Dates for "They Live" Sequels:

"They Laugh" and "They Love":

"Believe it or not 'They Live' was always my most spiritual film, and these long-awaited sequels will make that clear" the 72-year-old director said in a surprise Instagram Live video. "Yes, it's about learning to see the ideological distortions underpinning consumerism, but it's also about learning to giggle in the autumn breeze, to smell the moonlight on a midnight beach, to dance like nobody's watching you through your television."

"Obviously, none of this would be happening without Amazon Studios," Carpenter added. "Seriously. Like, it's literally impossible for mid-budget artists to tell stories to a mass audience without the involvement of companies like Amazon."

Picking up immediately after the 1988 film -- in which (spoiler!) Nada and Frank's high jinks revealed a race of elite alien overlords to humanity, "They Laugh" and "They Love" will follow a fresh cast of human characters as they compartmentalize the implications of their servitude and learn to live and grow alongside their extra-terrestrial masters.

"They Laugh" will follow Kumail Nanjiani as a milquetoast comedian competing on an alien talent show for a lucrative sponsorship deal, while "They Love" is planned to center around a plucky career alien's romantic entanglement with two working-class Franco brothers. Andy Serkis slated to play all of the aliens. [...]

Some high profile celebs have been freaking out about the announcement, including Chris Evens, Miley Cyrus, and Slovenian philosopher and pop culture analyst Slavoj Žižek: "These are the sequels for which I would have sold to a witch the left tit of my grandmother," said Žižek in an artfully shot black and white Patreon vlog. "To live, within ideology, is, I think, to be enslaved to the fetish of collective false consciousness, but to live, laugh, love? This, I think, reminds me of sandals at the beach, and of kissing in the rain, and so on."

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