XScreenSaver 5.44 Hacks the Planet

XScreenSaver 5.44 is out now, including iOS and Android.

  • New hacks, Gibson, EtruscanVenus and Scooter.
  • BSOD supports Tivo and Nintendo.
  • New color options in RomanBoy, ProjectivePlane, Hypertorus and Klein.
  • "Use random screen saver" works again on macOS 10.15.
  • iOS supports dark mode.
  • Image loading works again on iOS 13.
  • Fixed rotation on iOS 13 (Apple incompatibly breaks rotation every two years as a matter of policy).
  • Performance tweaks for Eruption, Fireworkx, Halftone, Halo, Moire2 and RD-Bomb.
  • Various bug fixes.

It was recently the 25th anniversary of Hackers, you know.

Sadly, if you install the DMG on macOS, it no longer includes WebCollage or the stand-alone terminal-program versions of Apple2 or Phosphor. This is because I couldn't figure out how to sign them in a way that would allow "stapler" to function (it's losing its damned mind because an .app bundle has an executable command-line helper program inside it), so, fuck it, I guess they're gone.

Apple and code signing: every day, worse in every way.

Update: I think I figured out the latest pointless codesign firedrill. I pushed out a DMG (only) of 5.44.1. Let me know if it works.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein you can now have DNA Brand Liquor delivered to you!

In a truly shocking development, the ABC has temporarily loosened their rules on liquor delivery, so now we can deliver life-giving, sanity-preserving liquor to you at home! Not only can you order beer with your pizza delivery, but that means you can also order full bottles of our house brand DNA Lounge Vodka, DNA Lounge Gin and DNA Lounge Rum!

They are available right now on GrubHub, Doordash, and Postmates.

And because I know this is the first question I'm going to get: no, I have no idea how you can get one of these if you are outside of what the delivery services have decided is our delivery area. I can't even tell what that delivery area is, let alone how to change it. Likewise, I have no idea whether I'm allowed to just mail it. I assure you, when I know, you will know!

Also you can stop by in person and pick it up to-go from the window. Walk-up or call-in.

That aside, our experiment with keeping DNA Pizza open for deliveries has been going... not well. We had like two orders total yesterday.

Please order some pizza, or it's going to end up being cheaper for us to just be 100% closed.

It's good pizza you guys!

UPDATE! We now also deliver pre-mixed cocktails!

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