Rotary Cellphone

Why a rotary cellphone?

Because in a finicky, annoying, touchscreen world of hyperconnected people using phones they have no control over or understanding of, I wanted something that would be entirely mine, personal, and absolutely tactile, while also giving me an excuse for not texting.

The point isn't to be anachronistic. It's to show that it's possible to have a perfectly usable phone that goes as far from having a touchscreen as I can imagine, and which in some ways may actually be more functional. More functional how? [...]

The curved ePaper on tha back was a later development in the creative process but it's now my favorite part. I think of the screen as having two sections... the part that's facing toward the top of the phone, and the part that's wholly on the back. In this way I can have relevant messages display on the top part "pager style", like the most recent missed call.

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4 Responses:

  1. Kontrolsphreak says:

    Absolutely fucking brilliant !
    Beautiful work.

  2. Michael E Heinsohn says:

    You need to color it red, and Have a big 'H' on it somewhere.

    ... I can't be the only persone to remember the 'Dial H for Hero' comics from the sixties...

    Can I?

    God, I'm old.

  3. phuzz says:

    Looks like they've busted through their hosting limits, so here's the Internet Archive version of the page.

    I particularly love the curved eInk screen. More things should have curved eink displays.

  4. Marcello says:

    i don't care much about the rotary part but i have to admit the e-ink display curving on the side is brilliant.

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