RIP Andy Gill

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  1. John Morton says:

    Saw the most recent incarnation of Gang of Four play in New Zealand only 10 weeks ago. Andy looked a bit tired — it was the tail end of the Entertainment! tour — but pleased the audience knew all the words. Great gig.

    Thanks for recommending them all those years ago.

  2. nooj says:

    RIP to a legend. I got to hang out with him after a show a couple of years ago! He was a really nice guy, and the newer members brought a great energy to the stage.

    I was up front next to the stage during the show, right next to an official photographer, whose name I've long forgotten. At one point, Andy held his guitar out over us for a few precious seconds. Somewhere in the ether are pics of me trashing my fingernails on the strings! It was an honor to share that moment of noise with him.

  3. xrayspx says:

    I saw Gang of Four once, officially, and it was one of my favorite shows. But even better than that was when we had tickets to Rasputina in the basement room of a venue, and when we got there I learned Gang of Four was in the main room. After lots of back and forth, we opted to stick to The Plan, and sat on the gum covered carpeting and watched Rasputina, but when the show let out, the windows of the main venue were open and we stood and listened to the last several songs of the Gang of Four set from the alley behind the club.

    That really was a memorable way to catch the end of that show. RIP.

  4. tfb says:

    Gang of Four are, I'm pretty sure, a band I would have hated and despised at the time. What a fuckwit I was.

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