Instagram's ongoing fuckery

Ok, well, I have completely failed to MITM Instagram on either iOS or Android. If you can show me how to do that, it would be greatly appreciated. However, if your answer isn't of the form "I just did it, and here are the steps I took" then you're probably just finding the same years-old instructions that I've already tried.

I am willing to throw money at this problem, because right now my nightclub has no promotion on Instagram, and sadly, that matters. But I would like a cheaper solution than "hire a full-time staffer to re-post everything by hand".

I have emailed every company I could find who offer a post-to-Instagram service (Later, Hootsuite, Onlypult, Crowdfireapp, Iconosquare, Bufferapp, Skedsocial, Sproutsocial) and asked them:

Does your service provide the ability to post to my Instagram Business account via an API? That is: I want my server to contact your site and say "post this image or video to my Instagram right now", without me needing to use a GUI or web app to manually schedule it.

Every one of them said "no". Though most or all of these companies appear to have access to the sekrit Facebook API, all of them require you to manually schedule each post by hand in their custom, idiosyncratic online calendar.

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THE CYBERIZER analyzes videos to find the scene breaks and then shuffles and re-assembles them with a burst of static in between. Twenty hours of music videos go in, and three hours later, six hours of mind massage squirts out. You can see this project making its live premiere at CYBERDELIA on Feb 28! I tried to upload six hours of it to Youtube last week, and that's what got me the record-breaking take-down notice, but it looks a little bit like this:

The audio de-synchronizes after a little while and I don't understand why. But I also don't care that much, since it's meant to be played silently. However if you find a fix, let me know.

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