Public Enemy Swimsuit Edition

Harry Allen:

I don't think I ever told this to @MrChuckD:

In 1990, while I was Director of Enemy Relations, I got a call from @SPIN magazine. They were planning their annual Swimsuit Issue, below.

They wanted Public Enemy to be in it. If they did it, they might even get the cover.

Magazines always dangle covers, to get artists. Still, it was a great opportunity, publicity-wise. So, I was interested. But I was also starting to sweat.

See, when @SPIN did the Swimsuit Issue, what you'd typically see were your favorite, pale, hairy-legged rock stars ... like the ones on these covers, doing "fun," "summery" activities, half-naked.

That wasn't how I wanted Public Enemy depicted: In swim trunks, tossing a beach ball over a net. (I knew that one of the forces we were up against was demystification; attempts to unravel our myth.)

But how should I respond to @SPIN?

It turned out I didn't have to: They called a few days later to withdraw the offer. As I recall, They'd decided not to do the issue, at all.

Too Bad. Because, in the interim, I'd figured out exactly in what swimsuits P.E. would appear.

In these.

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