My 50 most popular blog posts from 2019

It looks like my least popular blog post was this one. And frankly, I disagree. I've made way worse posts than that one.

Previously, previously.
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  1. robert_ says:

    Are you viral yet?

  2. Karellen says:

    Just looking back at the "LOL Github" story from 2018, I realised that (if you've not already seen it) you might find the conclusion of the following story amusing:

    Patent exhaustion and open source

    (I would have made the comment on your original post, but it looks like you lock old posts for new comments after a while. So I'll put it here instead)

    • jwz says:

      I found that after a few months the comments were overwhelmingly from spambots.

    • nooj says:

      Speaking of that post, Berkeley's cybersecurity training has a slide that says something like: "Replace 'the cloud' with the phrase 'somebody else's computer'. Doesn't that scare you a little?"

      I wonder if you are the impetus for that!

  3. Andrew Klossner says:

    How do you measure popularity?

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