Dear Lazyweb,

Who do I know who works at Instagram? (Yes I asked jevering, he's ignoring me.)

The @dnalounge account seems to be flagged in to prevent 3rd-party apps from posting. Read works, write doesn't. I need it un-flagged. It's costing me sales.

I haven't found any official support channel that will even respond in any way.

The upload step works but the configure step says "Something is wrong. Please check your input and try again." It's happening for all of my accounts ("dnalounge", "dnapizza", "jwz") and from multiple source IPs. But other people appear to not be having this problem, which is why I think it's tied to my account, rather than being an undiscovered API change. It's been like this for over two months, so it's also not timing out.

Alternately, it would be great if someone on the inside could opt me in to the "closed beta" of their officlal API. It's been in "closed beta" for at least three years.


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2 Responses:

  1. Terry Weissman says:

    You know me. I'll try to help, no promises whether I actually can. I've sent you email.

  2. jwz says:

    If you're me, you might have assumed that that API beta program was only open to "partners" whose names rhyme with Cambridge Analytica. In much the same way that anyone can sell tickets on Facebook so long as their name is Eventbrite. And... you'd be right. Someone on the inside tells me that the API exists only and exclusively so that can exist -- Facebook is outsourcing the API to a third party who sells Enterprise Spam Services. It's some form of deniability-laundering. I'll bet the licensing terms and board makeup of that un-searchable company name tell a story.

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