Instagram's war on me continues apace

Dear Lazyweb,

Can anyone give me working instructions on how to mitmproxy the Instagram app, from macOS, using either a real iPhone, or an emulated Android or iOS device?

When I proxy the iOS version, Safari and Twitter work, but Instagram says "Couldn't refresh feed" or sometimes "no Internet connection". It's detecting the proxy somehow. Maybe cert pinning?

It appears that there are people out in the world successfully proxying it on Android, but I can't figure out how to proxy the Instagram app in an Android emulator. There are instructions to make proxying work with non-Chrome apps, and those involve doing "adb root", but that doesn't work on Android installs that have Google Play on them, and without Google Play, how do I get the Instagram app installed in the emulator at all? (Note, I know nearly nothing about Android.)

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