Foundations of the #MoneyLaundry

Here's a great thread explaining money laundering that starts with selling weed and ends with the Ottoman Empire. Unrolled version.


It's a crime of its own, but money laundering is what makes crime pay. Truly: if we were serious about crime, we'd take most of the cops off the streets and replace them with accountants. Taking down the financial underpinnings of a criminal enterprise is way more effective than busting their entry level contractors. [...]

So YES, this is complex & convoluted. It's how you get away with money laundering. Baffle with bullshit. [...] And because the scale of the fraud is so enormous, journalists are having a problem integrating and explaining how it all connects without sounding like they're ranting about Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove.

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Matt Stark:

When the player takes a photo I duplicate the environment, make it greyscale and slice the meshes to remove anything outside the photo. When they place it into the world I slice the environment's meshes to make a hole for the photo.

Here's what happens when you photograph half a crate...

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