Patients die as lawyers ransack hospital

Not a metaphor.

More than 200 lawyers wielding sticks stormed Lahore's Punjab Institute of Cardiology at midday on Wednesday. Hospital officials said the lawyers forced their way past security and split into groups, attacking various departments and wards. [...]

There has been simmering anger among young lawyers since 20 November when half a dozen of them accompanied a colleague to the hospital for the treatment of his sick mother, says the BBC's M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad. There they got into an argument with hospital staff and a doctor on duty, leading to a fierce fist fight in which the lawyers were outnumbered by the hospital staff. Both sides filed police complaints against each other but no arrests were made.

The lawyers said they were avenging an attack in November by doctors and staff of the hospital, after the lawyers demanded preferential treatment.

Some of the lawyers involved in Wednesday's attack said they were moved to act by a viral video by one of the doctors, who mocked and ridiculed them through reciting poetry and belittling remarks. [...] "Look at the sea of lawyers, doctor," the lawyer said in a bombastic tone. "Today, we will insert stents in the doctors." [...]

In recent years, lawyers in Pakistan have not shied from resorting to violence and taking the law into their hands. Lawyers have attacked judges over disagreements during court hearings. Clashes with police are frequent.

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5 Responses:

  1. Jesse Mullan says:

    What the fuck

  2. k3ninho says:

    Lawyers: s'posed to be chasing, not burning ambulances.


  3. Karl says:

    Roving gangs of feral /lawyers/? This is truly the weirdest timeline.

    • MattyJ says:

      For some reason I'm thinking of the fight scene in Anchorman 2, an otherwise awful movie with the one good joke.

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