Mario Klingemann continues to do great and terrifying things to faces.

You can think of these as 2D slices of a multi-dimensional space that contains every possible face. It's canonical Marvel lore that there's a parallel universe containing nothing but green meat and gristle, and when The Hulk bulks up a portal just squirts some of it in from there. It's kind of like that.

(Turn the sound on for the first one.)

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  1. Karellen says:

    This is weirding me out.

    We've had face-morphing videos since the Terminator 2 back in the '90s. They've been pretty cool, but a bit uncanny valley. The end-points are fine, but the transitions have been... weirdly smooth. I mean, it's something that can't happen in real life, so it's always going to look a bit weird.

    Anyway, the point is that I always thought that face-morphing was well on the way to climbing up the "actually human" side of the uncanny valley. It looks good enough that it normally doesn't look too "off", and only very rarely triggers the "kill it with fire" response in your brain.

    But this? This is more organic than traditional face-morphing tech. It looks more fluid, and less artificial. And yet I desperately want to kill it with fire. What's up with that?

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