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Dear Lazyweb, particularly those who work at Youtube: how do I make my channel use the URL that I already have?

I have had this URL for over 12 years:

At some point, that URL began redirecting to this URL, which is worse but adequate:

Recently, in order to allow employees to administer without sharing passwords, I converted it to a "Brand Account", and now it keeps referring people to this horror-show of a URL:

Advanced settings says I am "eligible for a custom URL" but if I try to "claim" it, it says "Many people have the same name" and wants me to select "" or some shit, which is not ok.

I'm afraid to touch anything on that page because I'm not confident that it won't end up deleting the URL somehow. What do I do?

Remember when multi-billion dollar corporations actually employed tech support? Yeah, those were the days.

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4 Responses:

  1. This may be part of Google's War On URLs so that viewers are forced to go through intermediate screens to get to your channel.

  2. jwz says:

    "Hooray", I found a stumper. Great to know that nobody has any idea how this works.

    • Aidan Gauland says:

      It was bound to happen eventually. This must mean that we entering the next phase of the tech giant dystopia, either because no one understands how the monsters work anymore, or because the monsters' handlers are better at keeping everything quiet.

  3. Steve Nordquist says:

    Surely they expect that you typed the Zalgotext one-time second-accurate code for YouTube to get their TLD in the first place. Also clearly they know the new rules for acting like a startup:
    1-- Lease the places that could be office space
    2-- Autoruin them with a novel blend of partitions and gnomish partitions, plus some random tech like the noise that happens to make conversations private to those people looking dead at one another from prime multiples of 12" away.
    3-- ???
    4-- Tell Satoshi...Kon? that it'll be NKD12BB soon. Be at least that far off appeal.