I do not consent to this presidency


So....wow. My post (below) was removed from Instagram for "hate speech." This has happened before (I've been posting this sentence every day since December 1, 2016), so I appealed. But their decision stood. What the actual f*ck, @instagram? [...]

Now I'm being told by @Instagram that my account is in danger of deletion because of my daily post saying, simply, "I do not consent to this presidency." Care to explain, @mosseri? [...]

I did appeal, and it was denied. That's the second photo in the tweet. Since then, a bunch of the same posts have been taken down with no option to appeal, and I got this warning.

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6 Responses:

  1. Lugus says:

    "I do not consent to this presidency." literally means "I don't accept democracy in the USA", so it is indeed "hate speech".

    • Fuck Lugus says:

      Gee whiz you aren't too bright are you? How does not liking "democracy", which in this context is simply the wrong word, equate to hate speech? "Hate speech" might include "all white people suck and stuff". It doesn't include "this political system is terrible and produces terrible results".

      To quote JWZ, "Fuck off".

      "Democracy" - rule by the people, does not equate to the people selecting "electors" who then get to pick a president. Especially when the initial selection process is first past the post. Especially as there is no recall process. Especially as there is no way that one person can represent three hundred million people.

      In short, your "democracy" is as democratic as that of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I.e. it isn't.

    • I'm no fan of our current president or most of Mr. Zuckerberg's ouvre, but yeah, that's the deal with democracy. Sometimes the guy you don't like gets voted in--your "consent" notwithstanding. Standing by for the Spider Jersusalem.

      But, hate speech? Seems more like advocating revolution.

  2. NT says:

    It's been very difficult to convince the #woke that censorship infrastructure cuts both ways.

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