Halloween, Night Five. I dressed as a centrist. See, my dress shirt isn't white, it's actually light purple! That's how you can tell I say things like "socially liberal but fiscally conservative" and "I'd really like to meet Elon Musk some day".

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10 Responses:

  1. Matt Lee says:

    Amazing costumes, all five nights.

  2. MattyJ says:

    What color shirt should I wear if I really want to punch Elon Musk in the face one day?

    • Cowmix says:

      I'm fascinated by all the hatin' on Elon.

      Is it because of the "pedo guy" commment(s)?

      Anti-union-ish activities?

      Boring Company?

      Please, do tell!

      • jwz says:

        "Fuck off", he explained.

      • MattyJ says:

        In general terms, he's a mentally ill megalomaniac with narcissistic tendencies.

        Specifically, just look at that smug face.

        • Aidan Gauland says:

          Please don't drag the mentally ill into this.

        • tfb says:

          If he is ill, mentally or otherwise, what he needs is treatment, not hate. It's precisely if he's not ill that he might be worthy of hate.

          • MattyJ says:

            "Mentally ill" and "worthy of hate" are not mutually exclusive. Many, many people throughout history have been mentally ill and are certainly worthy of a little hate.

            • tfb says:

              If the illness is what is making them do hateful things then I disagree: hating people because of something they can't help leads to very many, very obvious, bad places, and illness is kind of by definition something you can't help I think. If they are doing hateful things independently of being ill then fine.

              • Ham Monger says:

                Sometimes there's enough energy to do the morally upstanding thing, but sometimes there isn't and it doesn't matter why an asshole is an asshole.

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