Blade Runner Day

Today is Blade Runner Day, meaning you all now finally have permission to start dressing fashionably.

You may have seen people making "Blade Runner Day" posts on November 1, but those people are Wrong. Blade Runner occurs between Nov 19 and Nov 22, 2019.

There are several shots in Blade Runner showing Decard reading a newspaper ("The Independent Sentinel", "Farming The Oceans, The Moon and Antarctica", "World Wide Computer Linkup Planned"), however the date on that paper is unreadable, and I've never found a clear photo of the original prop (and neither has Typeset in the Future). I even tried enhancing 34 to 36.

But! The execrable Blade Runner 2049 establishes that Deckard interviews Rachel on the 20th, just before that scene where the screenwriter turns two characters to face the camera and monologue his Lit Crit 101 podcast analysis of a scene from the earlier, better movie.

It was daytime during Rachel's interview. I figure Gaff picked Decard up on evening of the 19th, as he was eating dinner, so Holden presumably got aired out earlier that same day. Deckard kills Zhora and Rachel kills Leon on the evening of the 20th while Pris is scamming JF. Roy shows up at JF's for breakfast on the 21st. Later that evening Roy kills Tyrell and JF, and Deckard returns to the Bradbury to witness Roy's death early on the morning on the 22nd (as per the Workprint voiceover).

So you can start dressing like this now, but FFS, please smoke less:

And as long as we're here, thinking about how Blade Runner endures as one of the greatest movies of all time, let me refer you back to my hit-piece on Blade Runner 2049. That movie is very, very bad, and I'm still proud of my post about it.

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