Trump Appoints Illuminati Self-Help Author 'Magus Incognito' To Federal Education Board

Not The Onion.

The appointment of George Mentz ― who also writes under the pen name "Magus Incognito" ― to the Commission on Presidential Scholars was announced last Wednesday in a White House press release. [...]

Mentz's author page on Amazon suggests that he is a prolific writer, with more than 60 titles to his name. That includes works with titles like "The Law of Attraction & Prosperity Bible -- The Illuminati Wealth Manifesto & Codex" and "The Illuminati Handbook -- The Path of Illumination and Ascension."

In a 2013 book by "Magus Incognito" called "Rosicrucian and Masonic Spirituality & Secrets -- The Handbook," Mentz tells readers the book's teachings "can propel the initiate into the 4th dimension of existence on this Earth." [...]

Mentz attended law and business school in Louisiana and now lives in Colorado Springs, where he owns the Global Academy of Finance and Management. For $378, the company awards certifications to individuals who can then list official-sounding titles and acronyms after their names. (The certifications are "valid" for two years and then "members" must renew them annually.) At least 118 such titles are listed on the GAFM website, including "Certified Chartered FinTech Professional (ChFP)," "Master Business Analyst (MBA)" and "Registered Islamic Financial Specialist (RIFS)."

It's unclear what qualifications applicants must demonstrate in order to obtain the certifications.

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6 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    I certain weekly HBO show had a similarly insane and riveting story about the weather last Sunday.

    I'm getting anger fatigue.

  2. Doctor Memory says:

    But wait, it gets better! Mr. Incognito also writes books on "German Spirituality" and "Frankonian Virtues" and "Rhineland Mysticism" that are "a must for any person of European descent! Now I know what you're thinking: that sounds kinda Nazi-like, right? Or at least Nazi-adjacent? Well surprise: it totally is.

  3. Dave says:

    Magnus Incognito was always one of my favorite Transformers.

  4. Jeff L says:

    Sign I saw at a rally that sums it up:
    "This episode of Black Mirror sucks"

  5. bq Mackintosh says:

    This article by the Denver Post does some solid digging on the topic, and provides excellent original sourcing.

    A Wall Street Journal article in 2004 found AAFM awarded certifications to applicants who had never taken a course and, in some cases, had not taken a test to prove they knew the topic at hand. In 2010, another Wall Street Journal article found several people listed on AAFM’s board of advisers had never advised the company and were unaware the company was claiming them as an adviser.

    Mentz defended his certification processes in the interview Friday. He says his companies have rightly used college degrees as a “pathway” to certifications.

    “Our standards are pretty basic,” Mentz said, using a journalist as an example. “If you took 135 hours of college education to get your degree from a particular university and satisfied a major in journalism, then you’re qualified for certification in that area if you had a GPA or 3.0 or higher. So, instead of having someone go to Sylvan Learning and take a quiz to be certified, we would allow somebody like you to apply directly for a certification.”

  6. Dayglowdave says:

    Step 1/ Publish some bullshit about the laws of attraction

    Step 2/ Push it to the elite over $5000/ plate luncheons

    Step 3/ Profit

    Why the fuck didn't I think of that? It's so obvious, critical thinking is not a prerequisite for attaining wealth and power...

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