DNA Lounge: Wherein it's the spooookiest time of the year!

As we have for the last 18 years, we've got a full week of Halloween festivities planned for you!

That may sound like a lot, but we all know that if you're a Real San Franciscan, you have both a "closet" and a "costume closet", so I'm sure you can handle it. We believe in you.

First the dance parties: four massive parties, four rooms each! And costume contests on three nights, each with cash prizes!

  • Fri Oct 25: So Stoked: "Everyone's a raver on Halloween!" The So Stoked crowd definitely embrace costuming, so we expect great things from them. 24 DJs in four rooms, spinning house, drum and bass, trance and hardcore. All ages!

  • Sat Oct 26: Booootie: The Monster Mashup Spooktacular, in its tenth Halloween here at DNA Lounge! Costume contest, spooky drag show, and four rooms of eclectic music: mashups in the main room, 80s and 90s pop in the Lounge, bass house, trap and drum and bass in Above, and hiphop in the Dazzle Room. 18+!

  • Mon Oct 28: Death Guild: If you don't go to a goth club on Halloween week, what are you even doing? This will be Death Guild's eleventh Halloween blowout here at DNA! Costume contest, gothic, industrial, synthpop, and of course the gothiest, gothiest little burlesque freakshow in the world from Monday Night Hubba. 18+!

  • Thu Oct 31: All Hallow's Eve: This is the one, this is the main event, and it's our eighteenth year throwing this party! This is happening on Halloween proper, and it always brings out the most amazing costumes. I'm impressed every year. Plus, of course, DJs in all four rooms (including some surprises I can't talk about yet), aerialists, ambient ghostly performances, and even more horror-themed burlesque to make you feel all funny inside. 18+!

    I know I'm biased, but having been to quite a few Halloween parties over the years, I can say with confidence that we throw the best one.

Now, if you need some live music in your Halloween, we've got that covered as well:

  • Sat Oct 26: Eyehategod: "The elder statesmen of sludge metal!" This is an early show, prior to Booootie!

  • Sun Oct 27: Witchripper: Aside from being a great name for a metal band, it's a great name for a Halloween event.

  • Tue Oct 29: Neighborhood Brats & Plot 66: Your halloween definitely needs a zombie pop-punk band in it (or is that a zombie-pop punk band?) However, this show has a super secret headliner that I can't tell you about yet! Update: That secret headliner is the legendary Subhumans!

  • Fri Nov 1: Turbo Drive: Glitch Black: Technically this is the day after Halloween, but if you need some synthy cyberpunk darkness to wash it all down, this is for you. Don't put the Xmas decorations up just yet please.


If you look at any of those "What to do in San Francisco on Halloween" lists, you'll probably be pretty disappointed. Oh look, douchebro Stadium Trance DJ is spinning! His music was in car commercials before half of our customers were born! How edgy. Or, you can drive 3 hours out to Meth Valley for a corn maze! Fun!

Seriously, spend your week at DNA. We got this.

And please, spread the word! Exercise that little muscle in your index finger over the "Share" button. We typically don't get a lot of press about our events, so you telling your friends about them is the most important thing in the world.

(Seriously, I don't want to see any of you hitting "Like" but not "Share" or "Retweet". That does not help!)


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