jwzlyrics works with Music.app on macOS 10.15. Let me know how it goes.

Music.app has a lyric-displaying sidebar now, but I made this work out of curiosity to see how stupid the port from iTunes.app to Music.app was. (Answer: medium stupidity.)

They respond to all the same AppleScript messages, just in a different namespace -- in case doubt lingers about it being a lie that iTunes has been "retired" and Music.app is some brand new thing. No. No, they just renamed the app and deleted a bunch of features. I told you so.

Most of the hassle involved silent failures due to moving target sandboxing API whack-a-mole.

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From Beneath You It Devours


Fairly certain that crude oil is a genuine eldritch horror.

  • lied in wait in the Earth's crust for literally millions of years
  • made from the dead bodies of creatures nobody in recorded history has ever seen alive
  • almost immediately granted us advanced technology
  • naturally occurring, yet has a scent incomparable to any other natural substance
  • pitch black liquid
  • kills anything it touches
  • using it to make anything kills everything it DOESN'T touch, but very slowly
  • inexplicably addictive to the money-poisoned
  • Is the cause of the mass extinction event we're currently experiencing, and that 95% of people are completely unaware of or outright deny.


we used to power things by whale souls then we found out there's a ton of souls trapped under the earth just waiting to be burnt

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Hilbert Tiles


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