It's Bloody Mary weekend.

People of Earth! This is how I plan to spend the next 48 hours at DNA Pizza. Come help me hold up the bar.

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12 Responses:

  1. o.o says:

    Is that a paper straw?

  2. EM says:

    Paper straw, but a plastic cup. sigh

  3. Christoph says:

    I see you've got your vitamins covered...

  4. japh says:

    How do you miss the center of the carrot along two axes? Who am I kidding, hell--I'd yoink the paper straw and other inedible bits and guzzle that entire thing in a couple of swallows. Looks fucking delicious, actually...

    • margaret says:

      there's an infinity of dimensions not shown where the carrot is perfectly bisected.

      • japh says:

        if that be true, it warms the cockles of me barnacle-encrusted heart, arrr...