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Veruca Salt's first album came out 25 years ago yesterday! Give it a listen:

It is a great album -- though their second album, Eight Arms to Hold You, cemented their place as one of my favorite bands of all time. And so let's also have a look at two of the greatest music videos ever, Shutterbug and Volcano Girls:

For your convenience, they have playlsts of four of their five albums (I guess Resolver is still disavowed, even though it's brilliant?)

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  1. Doctor Memory says:

    Also of the dozen or so 90s act reunion albums to come out in the last few years, "Ghost Notes" has the distinction of actually being really, really good. Kinda hope they find the time to tour again.

  2. monksp says:

    Huh. I never would have thought that Resolver would be the verboten album. IV is the one I haven't managed to listen to all the way through in like a decade.

  3. apm74 says:

    They did a New Years Eve show in Chicago in 1993 with Liz Phair and Hum, which is a prime location to visit when I get my time machine.

  4. bq Mackintosh says:

    Fun story about Veruca Salt and Kristeen Young.

    Back in the early 90's Kristeen was in Columbia, Missouri fronting a band called Waterworks (Rob Durando on guitar, Rob Metcalf on drums, Rich Marinaccio on bass). Waterworks was headlining a show at the Blue Note, and the opening act was Veruca Salt — possibly on their first ever tour outside of Chicago.

    I'll bet you even money that neither Kristeen nor Louise Post nor Nina Gordon actually recall that that happened.

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