Manicures and nipple-sucking.

Old Croghan Man:

died a violent death over 2000 years ago: stabbed in the chest, decapitated, and severed at the torso. Tossed in a bog in Ireland, his remains were preserved until his discovery in 2003. His manicured nails suggest he led a life of leisure.

His nipples were cut off. Sucking a king's nipples was an act of submission in Iron Age Ireland, so this insult may have been to prevent him from ruling. It's thought he was killed in a ritual sacrifice, perhaps after poor weather or harvests. He was in his early 20's.

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4 Responses:

  1. Different Jamie says:

    'Sucking the king's nipples' sounds like it should be a euphemism, somehow, and yet the reality is so very much worse.

  2. David says:

    Why do his triceps apparently have teeth?

  3. Andrew Klossner says:

    I just last week saw this bog body. The internal organs at the base of the torso are well preserved. Irish bogs are the medieval version of carbonite.

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